Hey! I’m Abbie.

Is food good? Is it bad? What should we eat?

And what about our bodies…what are they supposed to look like? Feel like?

Photo by Fischer Twins on Unsplash

A bit about my journey…

I studied nutritional sciences at Oklahoma State University for both my bachelor’s and master’s degree, and I learned quite a lot. I read many a research article and learned to critically analyze studies for quality, something I’m really grateful for.

What’s next?

So once again here I am, figuring out this new platform! I am looking forward to writing blogs about Intuitive Eating, exercise, new recipes and probably anything else that comes to mind. Here’s a picture of Skyler, because he comes to my mind a lot. :)



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Abbie Joy Womack

Abbie Joy Womack

Ice cream lover. Dog mom. Registered dietitian. Downtown HTX city dweller.