Why You Shouldn’t Worry if You Gain Weight on Vacation: An Introduction to Set Point

Actually, you don’t need to do anything at all.

Going below your set point

Going above your set point

How do you know what your set point is?

  • Set point varies widely from person to person.
  • Your set point is not an exact number, but a range from 10–20 pounds (which means your body can comfortably lose/gain weight within that range without activating compensatory mechanisms).
  • Set point can fluctuate throughout your lifetime — early adulthood, postpartum, menopause, old age — depending on what your body needs at that time.
  • Set point is about actual health, not just the “appearance” of health, and it is 100% possible for you to be healthy at a weight society would deem unhealthy (see below on Health At Every Size).

A note to those with a history of dieting

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Abbie Joy Womack

Abbie Joy Womack

Ice cream lover. Dog mom. Registered dietitian. Downtown HTX city dweller.